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Heavy Equipment Undercarriage Repair Services & Supply

Bux-Mont Undercarriage (BMU) was established in 1978. Since then, BMU has been providing undercarriage repair shop services. Working with BMU guarantees quality undercarriage repair/parts and exceptional work at competitive prices. BMU repairs heavy equipment for contractors, excavators, pavers, landscapers, and MORE! Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and your needs for undercarriage repairs and undercarriage parts. We continue to satisfy our customers with our commitment, expertise and skill. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality parts, workmanship so that your repair experiences is a positive one. At BMU, we aspire to build and maintain long-term customer relationships. It’s our mission to get you back to doing what you do in the least amount of time with the assurance that the job is done correctly. 


Our values

  • Respect - At BMU, we practice mutual respect between employees, helping create a healthy working environment
  • Teamwork - We understand that working together reaps better outcomes
  • Excellence - We value excellence, not only do we practice excellence in our work and knowledge, but we also enforce excellence by continuing to exceed our own expectations

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